Abhinav Anand calls on XEN EM&RE Div-II

Jammu, 29-06-2022: Mr. Abhinav Anand President, Trikuta Nagar (Sector-7) Traders Association called upon XEN PDD EM&RE Div-II Mr. Rajesh Kumar today to apprise him about the problems faced by the traders.

Mr. Anand exchanged pleasantries with Mr. Rajesh and had a threadbare discussion with him. He brought in the notice of the XEN regarding the general grievances of the traders including unscheduled power cuts, unfenced transformers in the parks, high power bills in Jammu city and Trikuta nagar in particular. He submitted that frequent unscheduled power cuts during humid monsoon had only added to the woes of the trading community. He said that small traders and businessmen have been suffering immensely due to non availability of electric supply. He further submitted to the XEN that disrupted power supply in turn causes water crisis as people were unable to fill their reservoirs in the posh areas like Gandhi Nagar and Trikuta Nagar. He said that several parks were having transformers un- fenced especially in the areas like Pawan Chowk, Shastri Nagar which have posed a grave threat to the public life. Mr. Anand brought to the notice of the XEN that the PDD officers and staff were inaccessible to the people and nobody was bothered to pay heed to the shrill cries of the aggrieved masses. He said that even the toll free numbers of the authorities were non functional and only meant for an eye wash. He said that while the scorching heat during the summers had made the life of the people including the trading community miserable , the apathetic and callous attitude of the people sitting at the helm of affairs had made the situation from bad to worse.

Meanwhile, the XEN Mr. Rajesh Kumar gave a patient hearing to the President Mr. Anand and assured him full co-operation in addressing the problems faced by the traders. He further asserted that young entrepreneurs should come forward and cooperate with the PDD department to highlight the concerns of the people including the traders. He said that meaning people and the power department jointly could mitigate the problems of the people. Later Mr. Anand urged upon Lt. Governor to take serious cognizance of the ongoing power crisis in Jammu city and its peripheral areas. He said that soon a delegation of the Trikuta Nagar Traders Association sec-7 shall meet the Lt. Governor to apprise him about the ground reality of the problems faced by the traders and the people by large.